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Vincent Noot was born on April 16th, 1982 in the Netherlands. He has been drawing since he was 4 years of age. He studied Illustration and Graphics at the University of arts St. Lucas in Gent, Belgium. He also completed a study in portrait drawing, cartoon drawing and an airbrush course. He has professional experience in both the Netherlands and several other countries in Europe, Asia. and North America. He has provided courses and evening workshops, events and arts education in schools.

Celestial Noot was born on April 13th, 1993 in Texas, USA. They got married in Utah, USA, in 2013. Together with Vincent, she made up the Cute children, came up with their last name, and encouraged him to go through with it. She often commented on color use, thought of little jokes to put into the drawings, and wrote the story line. “The message of the book series is that the family should be central to our lives,” she says. “I help set goals for Vincent, so he knows when to get the next page done.”

At the end of 2012, the idea for “Find the Cutes” started developing. Vincent relates, “I was doing a lot of cartoon assignments for the owner of a child daycare franchise. It made me realize that this was really my style, that I should do more with my cartoons. As a kid, I always spend hours looking into search books, but there were some elements missing. ‘Find the Cutes’ focuses a lot more on children. It contains drawings of kids playing at birthday parties, school, a swimming pool, etc. I love children, and I love drawing. What better way to combine them?” Every page is beautiful and took many hours of drawing, coloring, and designing. ”Find the Cutes” is a masterpiece of art.

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Vincent Noot


Self portrait of Vincent Noot.

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